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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grrrr and sigh...BREATHE!

At first when I sat down to right this I felt a bit overwhelmed and frustrated but then I took a deep breath and remembered the things I am grateful for:

1.) CWTAP program (Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program): While it may wreak havoc on my regular financial aid and cause uncertainty and a possible ulcer... without this program getting my MSW would be out of the question. I am grateful for this opportunity.

2.) My wonderful wonderful family... they may make mess after mess and yes I did the dishes before leaving for practicum (on a not scheduled day) and then did them AGAIN after coming home but I love them dearly. And yes I will have done the dishes at least 3x more

I really wanted to take the kiddos to the park but Connor fell asleep after I dropped Oliver to work and thankfully, blissfully, luckily, awesomely.. he is still asleep an hour later. Those clouds winking at me through the window are not promising me sunshiney things.. I'm pretty sure its going to rain and I took a gamble and hung my laundry out to dry in the back... fingers and toes crossed! 

So the plans are to let Connor awake on his own, load up and off to Fred Meyers for food. Then home, unload and feed them. And then I promise myself some work out time. I need to work out. I'm actually pumped to do Fitness Blender. 

OH yeah, I should probably do some school work in there somewhere!! 

I'd also really like to make this recipe from one of the wonderful blogs I stalk peruse.


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