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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend update... Pizza, movies, and a bonzai tree

Its Sunday, I started off the day by frantically trying to put together a paper and presentation for tomorrow night's class and then I was informed the paper wasn't due just yet.. PHEWWW. More time to procrastinate. I squeezed a work out in, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, took Oliver to work, AND went grocery shopping.

This weekend was pretty funtastic, spent most of Saturday with my family. Ollie, Shanelle, Erika, and I went to see RIPD.. we really wanted to see Wolverine but it was sold out. RIPD was ok, I enjoyed it but it wasn't great.

My mom then took us out to Farrelli's. It was our first time. OH SO FREAKING GOOD.

Now weekend update in pics:

AND FINALLY.. my super awesome sweet rad fantastic wonderful uber terrific present from my love..

And I just realized that collage has the same pic twice.. but its a great one of my mom, Jacob and his cousin Cody so I'm going to leave it.. Not that I'm lazy or anything...


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