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Friday, July 12, 2013

Switching gears and finding my stride..

First off, still LOVING the Rocking Wellness. I went into Practicum today and a 2 scoop/coconut milk kept me fueled for 5 hours. My last practicum was with Child Protective Services, now I'm learning Children & Family Welfare Services. WOW! Talk about paperwork and feeling chained to a cubicle desk. I have a great mentor though who is going to help me be a great social worker.

Now I have to share my new love... Fitness Blender. Its a couple here in Washington who put out free workouts you can find on their site and through YouTube. At first I was just picking and choosing and loving them but then I purchased their 8wk plan (only 7 bucks) and I'm about to do Workout #23. I'm loving my changing body, I feel strong (and smaller).

On the family front, Jake is off to Disneyland with his dad. I'm so happy for him but already missing the heck out of him. Hanna and Ollie are up in Everett with their mom, so for now its just me and the Conman who is really actively potty training. So far ALL day in underwear and no accidents. He even survived a trip to the grocery store, taking his dad to work, and back home without incidence. Life is pretty good.

 *I am not being sponsored by either company or receiving any perks, etc. I just REALLY love the shake and workouts.*


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