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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend update.. (in mostly pics)

This weekend has been jam-packed with fun. It started with taking Hanna to her first scary movie at the theater. It was Maylin, Hanna and I who went to see The Conjuring. Great movie. She smiled the whole time, my kooky girl.

We ate lunch at Barnes and Noble before the movie

Then later that day.....

Then later I picked up my Jakers from his Dad's at 1am. They had just gotten back from Disneyland!!!!! I feel so complete having all my loved ones under my roof now.

Somewhere in there we managed some craft time:

Then on Saturday we went to my friends housewarming bbq party. The kids spent almost the entire time in the pool like fishes. It was really relaxing.

Now school work? Housework? And work out? ...... later.


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