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Friday, August 23, 2013

Green tea/Lime Jello

While this is true.. I am so grateful for the real thing
Life is good. Today I start my vacation for two weeks. No homework, no practicum. Ah Bliss. My house can finally get the deep clean it deserves. I wanted to share with you a tasty tasty recipe I came up with this morning. Enjoy.

I am a huge green tea drinker. So this recipe was perfectly refreshing and energizing. You get your shot of Vit. C and protein.

Lastly, Jakers has started soccer again (4th year!) and I am so amazed at how he rocks it! Go Team Shockwave!
Photo: Soccer practice go jakers :)
Jake is the kid in blue on the left
UPDATE: I would add more water/green tea to the jello mixture. Mine came out a bit dense but I happen to like that. 


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